Purgatoire River Trading Company is the true West.  It is located where the prairie meets the mountains, where Native Americans lived and traded long before the Europeans arrived on the Continent. Purgatoire River Trading Co. is located on the original Santa Fe Trail in Trinidad, Colorado.  It is a modern-day trading post with turn of the century show cases, all brimming with handcrafted authentic Native American items. The essence emitted is a beauty found only in authentic handmade Indian jewelry.

The store evolved from the owner’s private collection begun on the Pima River Indian Reservation in the 1960’s.  All native art acquired, past and present, is carefully chosen. The store works with a select few multi-generational Indian traders as well as the individual Native artisans.  The owner has built relationships with many Indian artists residing all across the Southwest. She travels to each of the numerous Pueblos and some of the remotest portions of the reservations to procure some of the very best work available.


True West


Purgatoire River Trading Company features many of the finest Indian jewelers working today. It also has one of largest collections of what is referred to as “old pawn,” older highly sought-after pieces. All the jewelry is handmade from only the highest quality materials. Only sterling silver is used for even the least expensive silver items. Many rarely available turquoise gem stones such as Sleeping Beauty, Kingman, #8 and Morenci can be found in abundance here. Each item is handmade, all are one of a kind.

The store has built its reputation on providing its clientele the finest quality at great prices.  Fodor’s travel guide has given Purgatoire River Trading Co. a five-star rating. Trip Advisor continues to give the store a #1 rating.